Girls, afro hair products?

I'm half Ethiopian-half German, but live in UK now. I just realized that majority of afro hair products come from U. S. But in U. S. a lot of girls relax their hair more.
Isn't it strange? Here in UK we have nice African organic shops, but also products imported from U. S.
I have a friend forn NY who can't live without relaxers, I never understood this
because you have so may nice brends for natural afro hair.


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  • Don't spend money on brands. Use stuff from your kitchen. I've found that baking soda and water is a great clarifying shampoo. Rinse with apple cider vinegar afterwards. Use coconut oil as a conditioner and moisturizer. Everything should be unrefined, and organic is even better.

    When it comes to defining your curls, a brand product might be good. Get something 100% natural. Clear lightweight stuff is less likely to leave residue.

    Other good ingredients are Shea butter, olive oil, honey (if you aren't vegan), jojoba extract, and aloe vera.

    Source: experience and book Better Than Good Hair (By the founder of curlynikki website)

    • Just washed my hair with baking soda paste, did an apple cider vinegar rinse, and applied warm coconut oil to sections and ends. My hair is now shiny and super soft. And no itching scalp. 😊

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  • I personally use the shea moisture brand and love the natural hair. I was relaxed for 19 years and decided to chop off all my hair and go natural. Society shows that black hair is bad hair. If it's not straight then someone is wrong. That creamy crack aka relaxers so damaging

  • Women are no longer relaxing their hair in the U. S. Everyone is going natural. I suggest you use something paraben free. Such as carols daughter. Carols daughter is a great product but it might make your hair dry. Miss Jessie's is a really good product too. I have 3b hair and it works great

    • well maybe the last 2-3 years., i know this girl since childhood you know, late 90s. everyone were relaxing it, i know it.
      and thank you for the advice)

    • Yeah. They stopped. I've been natural my entire life.