Body piercings in Boston?

Hi um I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that will pierce a 15 year old on Boston with a parent? If not I'll have to beg my mother but she doesn't have time to go with me

Oh sorry forgot to mental I want a belly button piercing
Mention **😂


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  • I don know about the laws governing piercing and tatoos in the northern states but here in the south it would be illegal for an establishment to perform that on you with out a parent present


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    • Actually it's different depending on the shops in Massachusetts

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    • Oh my goodness I'm asking if anyone knows a place that I don't have to go with a PARENT

    • You should've been more specific. I know if you go to the mall you can get it done. Why font you call around.

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  • I don't live in Boston so I'm not sure but where I live almost every place will if you're with a parent. I would just call places real quick and ask them, I'm sure you will