He can't keep eye contact with her.

OK this question is 4 my poor little sister that is so confused !... She used to have a crush on this kid but then she got over it.. and then a couple years later.. one summer the kid she liked and his friend came to the park on there 4 wheeler and his friend asked my sister " so what grade are you going to be in now" and she didn't reply and then he said are you going to be in 10th... and her friend said no! she's going to be in 9th and then the friend of the kid she used to like said oh guess you'll have to wait another yr... so then she thought he liked her... So she had her friend ask him if he hated her and he said no I don't hate her I dislike her but when you watch him walk by her he can't keep eye contact with her... So what does this mean please please help my sister what does this mean?


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  • The kid is having pubescent issues. Tell her to ignore him and let it be. If he dislikes her, she should just stay away from him. If he does like her, and is acting weird because he's stupid and doesn't know how to act...then he can do as he wills when he wills. Just write him off, he's a foolish brat who is most likely too emotionally undeveloped to carry a proper relationship anyhow.

    -Count D.


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