Are girls more into looks than guys?

Today I was hanging out with my female roommates, and all they were talking about for most of the time was boys looks.

Conversation was like "john has nice arms, strong and hard they are, or has gained weight, etc, etc..basically all looks."

When I saw my other guy friends, when we talked about a hot girl, the topic about her looks was less than a min, conv was " sarah, nice butt, I wanna fcuk her, etc etc..." but less than a min before the conv* moved to something else..

Then I came to realize, you see lots of ugly girls have decent guys, but you NEVER see a fat/ugly guy with a decent girl...

That bring the question, are girls more into looks than guys.


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  • No, it just depends on the girl. My fiend and I don't nitpick guys, we discus if they're hot or not an move on. I know one guy who is obsessed with his looks, and I can only imgine hat he thinks about other people. He is the most vain person I've ever met. It all depends on the person, some people just care more about look than others.


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  • We don't care about looks, but we like to tease men about it and make them jealous, we like to see how they react to what we say.

    Usually we like guys for their confidence, it just happens that more often "good looking guys are confident", so we just respond to that. When a guy is confident, we focus on all the good things he has to offer and when he is shy we focus on the bad.

    That's just how we are.


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  • The simple answer is no. There are very few people that will date someone they don't find physically attractive. What people find attractive varies widely. In the long run, it really does come down to personality.

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