Are these good signs?

I catch my crush look at me, and sometimes he will glance away. When we pass each other we make eye contact. Or I look at him but he is looking like right beside me.

Could he be interested?


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  • Step 1: talk to him.

    Then evaluate from there.

    • How do I know when I talk to him?

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    • So you are both teenagers, do either one of you guys drive? If he likes he'll ask you to hangout outside of school or you can invite him to do those things.

      Those are pretty good signs that he is interested, if he makes an excuse and didn't give you a rain check date, then their you go: "not interested."

      Practice makes perfect, he's not the one and there are plenty of guys to shoot for.

      Happy dating.

    • We are only 15 ad I can drive with a parent/guardian but he is still in driver's ed.

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  • He probably likes you. the next time you catch him in the hallway, flash him a smile and ask him if he wants to grab ice cream or something after school. it'll be a shaky start since both of you are young and inexperienced, but at least you two will seem to have a good foundation.

    good luck


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  • Hey.

    OMG yes he probably does like you! Guys will look away as soon as you meet eyes if he has some affection for you. Just talk to him more and smile a little more.

    good luck!

    • I think he really likes you! Just start talking to him and see what happens!

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