Good songs or bands??

I'm really into alternative rock... and all of the different branches within alternative rock.

anyone know some really good songs or bands I can look up?



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  • Have a look at this site, they are an independent UK label/store/promoter anything they recommended on their site is good.

    Otherwise Muse, Streelight Manifesto, T.A.T. Frank Turner, Biffy Clyro, Kid Harpoon, Milk Kan, King Blues, Sonic Boom Six, Skints, Holloways, Gallows, Jamie T, Big Pink, JB Conspiracy, Florence & the Machines etc.


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  • um I've never heard any songs by this band but id suggest Say Anything, my cousin kyle knows them sumhow since he's a dj and always speaks very highly of em so I guess ill suggest that to u

  • maroon 5-this love <3


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  • kings of leon, the kooks, phoenix, metric, the ting tings, the virgins, mando diao, peter bjorn and john, jet, arkells, fefe dobson, muse, rock kills kid...

    yeahhh those are some bands I listen to.

    if you want to know specific songs..just ask

    good luck. :D

    • I love kings of leon and muse. those are two of my favorite bands any songs from these artists that u'd recommend??

      thnk u


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    • Kings of leon - taper jean girl, woohoo (it's a b-side), mcfearless, notion, use somebody, true love way, slow night so to name a few.

      and muse: supermassive black hole (of course), uno, starlight, time is running out

      as for other bands,

      phoenix: fences, lisztomania, 1901, girlfriend, rome..

      mando diao: dance with somebody, mean street, gloria

      peter bjorn and john: the chills, nothing to worry about, it don't move me, young folks

    • Metric: sick muse, help I'm alive, gold guns girls, gimmie sympathy, dead disco, too little too late, succexy, combat baby

      yeah lol. good songs.

  • Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Manchester Orchestra, etc. Those are all really amazing alt. rock badns that I <3

    • Can you recommend any really good songs from iron & win or manchester orchestra. I love all the other bands you named but I've never heard of the 2 I asked about. lol

    • Wine**** lol sorry

    • Iron & Wine

      1. Sea and the Rhythm

      2. Upward Over the Mountain

      3. Boy with a Coin

      4. Woman King

      5. Each Coming Night

      Most of Iron & Wine songs are kinda sad jsyk

      Manchester Orchestra

      1. Pride

      2. The Only One

      3. I Can Feel a Hot One

      4. I Can Barely Breath

      5. Where Have You Been?

      6. I've Got Friends

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