What shoes should I buy. ?

I'm having a hard time making up my mind.

Should I get the lady liberties

What shoes should I buy. ?
Or the retro 5s

  • Lady liberties (first pic)
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  • Retro 5s (second pic)
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I don't need anyone telling me how tacky they look. Honestly keep it to yourself.


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  • Neither tbh they don't look that good :(

  • Lol those shoes look tacky though

    • It's not your style. So not bother commenting. I didn't ask how they look.

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    • I'm calm I'm just saying I did not ask how they look. I like them and that's what matters. We obviously don't have the same style.

    • I like jordans maybe you you don't.

  • I have a thing about white sneakers its weird I like sneakers to be white

    • I'm having a hard time choosing.

    • White ones if u got the money to buy new ones when they get scuffed silver if you can only get them they will stay nicer longer

    • True. I really like em both