Is it all right for an older man to wear women's shapewear for back support and tighten the tummy?

We're talking about a girdle or shapewear that contains 20 - 30 % spandex. Instead of wearing a back brace; I'll take care of two problems. This goes along with wearing compression pantyhose or stockings to prevent a blood clot in your legs. Plus it makes your legs feel good.
This is for medical reasons. I realize it looks rather odd when I wear shorts; you can obviously see that I'm wearing some sort of stockings. I'm not a crossdresser that gets off on wearing woman's clothes. Your comments?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Chiropractors offer the best braces @ $70 ... but OK
    so long as you realize this is not permanent.
    Permanent = you will gradually harm your back more b/c your support muscles are not doing the spine support work, thus getting weaker when you need them stronger.
    Temporary = you will do those situps and other chiro exercises (some found on line), lose the (belly) fat until you need no stinking brace... just keep it reserve for flare ups or high spine abuse projects (mowing lawn, etc.)


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  • Guys at my gym wear compression leggings and back brace type things all the time


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  • Lotsa guys do this, no problem, generally, no one ever finds out!