What's the best makeup brand to hide acne marks naturally?

But the way my skin is really bad. And I am black, which means I have black spots all over my face and a oily, greasy skin.


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  • Use Retin A to help fade your marks
    How old are you? The greasiness might be hormonal/depending on the food you eat/your lifestyle.
    I had horrible acne and really oily skin (with redness and marks) till I was about 18, even though my acne subsided at 17. The reason my skin became less oily was that I stopped putting creams to fix my acne cause the chemicals were messing with it.
    I use maybelline foundation now, and anything goes since I don't really break out at all, no matter what I use. There was a time I couldn't use even concealer without getting 5 new bumps the next morning.
    You have to see the kind of makeup that suits you, covers your skin and also doesn't make you break out
    I'd recommend a BB cream from a well reputed brand, and also to go makeup free as much as possible. What you need is a fading cream that might work slowly but will eventually fade your marks, rather than a quick fix which can make you break out even more

    • Thanks a lot. I'm 19. I 'm going to take your advices.

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  • that sounds disgusting you didn't have to go to detail, any makeup will do


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