Do you ever look up your gf/bf's exes?

i guess I am weird, like I always want to check out the competition, haha.

Anyways, when I'm in a relationship, I look up my boyfriend's ex girlfriends to see what they look like and I guess what type of person they are. I don't know why I do this, but sometimes I am like obsessive about finding out what they were like. I guess I want to know what he liked or didn't like about them or find something wrong with them...


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  • for what? to be more sad and jealous? =]

  • Ya, unfortunately my ex is a Facebook attention whore now. It's nice to see how trashy she's become with all her fall-down drunk pics and the nice labels she puts to them. Haven't seen any pictures of her with guys yet, but whatever. She might replace me in appearance, but never with how I treated her.


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