Getting in touch with a beautiful stranger I've seen?

Long story short: I got eye contact with this incredibly beautiful girl the other day, as she briefly passed through my field of view as she entered my neighbors apartment (our eyes met in the stairs).

Now, I don't know this neighbor, but I'd love to see the stranger again somehow. Should I try to befriend or briefly chat with the neighbor, and sort of just "throw it out" and ask about who was here the other day? I wouldn't want her to feel as if I'm only talking to her to get through to her friend (I'd love to become friends with the neighbor too, while also getting info on the "mystery girl"). Advice?


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  • Lol, you sound smitten. YOU SHOULD HAVE SPOKEN TO HER IN THE STAIRS. A simple hi, or a nod and a "how are you". You had THE perfect opportunity. But..shoulda, woulda, coulda. If you see this girl again, now you know what to say. LOL. If you're interested in getting to know the neighbor once again JUST INTRODUCE YOURSELF, it works for me, and has worked on me. But don't use her just to get to the friend. But once you two have gotten to know each other after about two weeks, casually ask "who was that tall/short..blonde/brunette girl who visited a few weeks ago, she seemed nice..." etc. Take it from there.

    • The situation wasn't as perfect as I made it sound, as I was in a conversation - which suffered a magical moment of silence - with a familymember as I saw her. Still, I would have been (and was) busy going through a "jawdrop-moment" haha...

      I suppose my only hope now would be the neighbor, yeah... That is a bit of a challenge in itself, but I'll try. Thank you!

    • You're very welcome..go for it!

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  • I have had the same problem before and still don't know what to do. Just hope for the best I guess.


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