Girls, how many of you actually enjoy going bra shopping?

What do you like about

What is your most common bra style

Most common bra colors you buy

Average price you would spend on a bra

Your favorite website to go shopping

Would you ever talk to a guy about your thoughts on bras if you guys were at a department store shopping?

What kinds of questions do you ask yourself when you are in the store looking at all those styles of bras?


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  • Bra shopping is my favorite ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    I like some push up bras, but I usually go for lightly lined because I don't always need all that extra padding๐Ÿ˜‚ I buy all kinds of colors. I gravitate towards the cute bras with lace and diamonds from Victoria's Secret most. But I always like to have a nude, white, and black bra! I've spent up to like $70 on a bra before :/ but I usually spend around $20 or so! Yeah I'd talk about it with a guy idc haha

    • Thank you for being so open and honest with your answers. It's nice to know there are ladies out there who are willing to help men get educated about things they don't know about. How often do you go shopping for bras and how many do you buy one at a time? Do you buy matching panties too?

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    • I have a drawer specifically for my bras haha. I just keep them nice and lined up. I don't wear one multiple days in a row so it doesn't wear out, I switch them up a lot

    • Can you describe what goes through your head from the time you walk into the store to the time you walk out?

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  • Bra shopping is very fun! I tend to go towards the plain, t-shirt bra, but I do have quite a few "fun" bras with lace and print on them. Since I wear a bra every day I spend a lot on them, like around $65- $85. I usually go to Soma to buy my bras/panties since their quality is better then mass produced places like Victoria's Secret, but they have some fun things in their store as well. I don't buy bras online since I want to try on before I buy and I probably wouldn't talk to a guy about bras since they wouldn't be able to relate/know what I'm talking about.

  • me! i love it =]

    uh, the style that supports my boobs. just an everyday bra.
    common colours r black, white and blue.
    i dont shop online for such a thing. id never do that.
    well, not if he wasn't my boyfriend.

  • I hate it. When I find a style that is comfy & fits well I buy a dozen.

  • I enjoy bra shopping, it's fun :)

  • I'm 24 and I've had the same bra for 12 years. I don't go shopping. It's either hand me downs or I go to the thrift store or walmart. I'm not spending ridiculous amounts at victoria secret