Where do I stand?

I'm 19 years old and I've had only one girlfriend and have only kissed two girls and that's as far as I've gotten. I feel confident and I feel like I walk around campus with confidence, but girls just don't seem to feel me for some reason. Girls love to be friends with me, but that's as far as it gets. I'm friend zoned by a lot of girls. I'm 5' 6" 130 lbs., so I'm on the small side and I look young, so I always wonder if this deters some girls, but I just don't know what to do. I'm a first year student at my current college (transfer from another school, so I'm a soph) and I start for the soccer team (no football here, so soccer is big) and all my teammates have no trouble with girls, but I do for some reason.

So, do you think that looking young for my age turns most girls off? Where would you honestly say I fall on the 1-10 attractiveness scale? (pics in profile)

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Help is much appreciated.


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  • 9. Maybe girls are intimidated by you?

    I think you need to take the initiative and talk to girls!

    Keep playing soccer, girls like guys who are "into" something and walk with confidence... you'll get a girl... :) Plus, if the college girls are looking for me "experienced" guys, then they are way shallow! and I'm sure you don't want shallow! So don't bother.

    Good luck! And don't sweat it.


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  • You sound like a really sweet guy, and for as for me I tend to go for the less player type. It sounds like you take relationships seriously. I don't think there's anything wrong with you =] Girls in college always tend to fall for the wrong guys if ask me. You'll find someone, even if you feel excluded right now. Its always when your more aware of where you stand, when you start getting worried about not being as out there as your friends. Its okay, don't sweat it!

  • You're def cute. If I was to be honest...I think it's your height that would deter some girls...as far as the physical ideals in a guy and a girl...I know for me I'm not attracted to guys that are 5'9" and under unless they're like james mcavoy.

    It depends tho there was a guy in college that was 5'6" and I had a crazy crush on him and he was very desired by girls, got older girls etc. He was super confident.

    Just my input but you'll be fine, you seem sweet and you're def cute!

  • I think you are very attractive and I am honestly suprised you have trouble with the ladies. If you went to my college, I would be trying to catch YOUR eye. Ha ha. I think you should just think about developing a friendship with a girl or girls...whatever...and then just progress from there. You should have confidence in yourself. I highly doubt that any single girl who is friends with you and has gotten to know you (granted your are a good guy, which you sound like you are...) will shy away if you pursue her to be more then friends. It's always good to start out as friends anyway...good luck. I have the exact same problem!


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