Guys and Girls, Can you help me to decide which Car I should get?

Bmw E30 M3

Guys and Girls, Can you help me to decide which Car i should get ?..
BMW E36 M3

BMW E46 M3

BMW E46 M3


so i have some $ and i wanna get something i love.. and i love BMW's since i was a kid... so i got some money to waste and i don't know wich one to buy... The first 3 i can afford to buy ! but the last one i can only lease one and i do have the money for it...

  • BMW E30 M3
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  • BMW E36 M3
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  • BMW E46 M3
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  • BMW M4
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  • I would get something affordable as you will likely never really get to drive the BMW's fast other than on a track... woop dee doo! I mean unless you have the coin to throw away on tickets.

    Put your money into something that gets a return... ten years from now the car will be worth squat! 10 years from now an investment will give you a return. Make your money grow smart rather than depreciate it to nothing.

    All your buddies will have a cool car and still be renting, meanwhile you will own the building that they are renting and own you own house... something with some real value.

    As you can tell cars don't interest me that much... land does.

    • i do go to the track every weekends... that is true , in the age i am if i do keep most of that money i'll have something to invest in.. but i'm currently a med student

    • True... it is good to have some extra coin, if cars is what you are interested in then go to town! I just prefer to spend extra coin on something that will appreciate rather than depreciate.

  • Age 21

    You'll spend way too much on those, just to drive a 50mph on a highway.

    Buy a Pinto clunker, it will teach you how to repair a car and keep it going.

    You should be able to find one for the price BMW sells a car radio.

    • I'm a mechanic? why do i need to be taught lol?

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    • what's more appropriate.. to drive at 55 mph?

    • I do track on weekends so what's more appropriate for streets and 150+ miles and hour

  • I'm a fan of Lambos. The BMWs are cool too. But I don't know enough to help you, sorry. But I guess since you can't afford the M4, You should settle for the M3 E46. A own car is always better than a leased one. You can wait a bit until you have enough money for the M4. Or you could get the M3 and do a few mods to your wish. Since you are a mechanic, it would be a piece of cake, and More fun :)

    • i can't afford lambos if i did i would get the aventador ( dream car ) M4 yeah lease then i can buy it out after the lease ends

    • Seems like a good plan

  • yellow car looks more kewl bro :D

    • yeah, but its 3k down 700 a month insurance is 150... top speed 168mph 0-60 3.7 seconds

  • I've beat all those cars in my Mustang and I paid about $30,000 less.

    • Nope sorry. M4 fucked mustang

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    • ur telling me ur beat a 700whp for that e36 and 500whp with that cheap ass mustang.. ? i think you should considering going back to school.

    • The point I'm making is that even after supercharging my car, it still cost $27,000 less than that 425hp M4 foreign piece of shit. It has more torque AND more horsepower. And it just so happens that I've beat every M4 I've ever raced. Go ahead and waste your money, I was just trying to give you some good advise, obviously you want to lose races. So when your balls drop some day, YOU come and talk to ME.

  • Don't get a BMW, get a new Hybrid instead. I did that, so glad I did.
    Brb gas savings pays for most car payment

    • i can't use it on the track lol... if i show up in a prius i'm fucked lol

    • Oh bro no Prius here. Please. I'm not a chick.
      Kia optima, but oh I missed the part about a track, nevermind.

  • I really like the second one

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    • I saw a dude driving one the other day and thought no way! haha, it must have belonged to his girlfriend or he was a full time packer of fudge!

  • I vote for the E30 M3, mainly because they're all stylish and you want to save as much $$$ as you can. I would be proud to own any of those.

    • they're a drift machine... i would literliydrift at every corner lol

    • All I'm saying is that you want to strike a balance between how well your car performs and how much money you have left in the bank after initial cost, upkeep, insurance, fuel, etc.