Girls, Make-up+hair+shoes to go with this dress?


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  • Makeup:
    foundation+ pure red lipstick+ mascara
    Lipstick is needed to lighten up your face and put some colour to the outfit, because the dress is monochromatic, simple and dark. Since you 'll put on lipstick, you don't need to put too many products in your eyes. Just mascara, maybe some white eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes and at the arch of your eyebrows to tone your eyes more. You can use a bit of eyeliner, maybe do cat-eye makeup, if that's your thing. I insist on pure red lipsick because it looks awsome on blondes.
    Also you can put on primer if you have a dry skin or powder if you have an oily skin.

    1. Down, straightened or curled.
    2. Big ballerina bun updo.
    3. With a flower
    4. like this
    1. Heels. Only if you feel comfortable and you can walk in them. Kitten heels are usually easier to walk in. They can be any colour you want, grey is pretty much neutral. I suggest red to pair them with the lipstick.

    2. platformes. Easier to walk in and more edgy.
    /images? q=tbn:ANd9GcTBjtKN1LGrJOoGVANzpmXIakW7CcIPNPV8WyMNZyi7OOBzyd3MUQ

    3. sandals. The dress looks so summer-y, breezy and flowy

    4. boots. They make a statement and they are ok as long as it's not too hot for them outside.

  • Shoes should be silver. These are adorable and would go amazing with it

    But a regular high heel would work too.
    What make up would look best depends totally on your face so can't help you there.
    For hair a milkmaid braid would look great

    But a nice high ballerina bun could work too.

  • Never wear makeup to go with clothes, only wear it to suit your face. I've seen so many girls change makeup, like eyeshadow, to match clothes. No! I think a nice barely there makeup scheme that flatters your face is much better.

  • That is one expensive dress.
    Waterfall braid, simple shoes, some silver jewelry with turqoise (how to write that in english) stones. And do your make up natural but with some colour, blush or a little bit of lipstick or warm colours eye shadow like brown.

    • I got it for 70 bucks on sale

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    • Yes, I saw. Therefore the blue, it goes well with green. Im blonde too and love that combination :)

    • Gray* not green

  • Alright. Put on your color foundation. Make sure to blend it! Use some blush, and lightly dust bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks. Use dark mascara and some black eyeliner on the top and nude eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger and stand out. I recommend a neutral soft brown eye shadow with some sparkle to it. For the lips, a light, almost nude pink. :)

  • Some great eye shadow smoked out with liquid liner andnpink lip gloss if your hair is long enough a French braid to the side would look nice and silver ballet flats for shoes hope thus helped

  • I love it.

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