If a man is attracted to a woman, wouldn't he want to look at her?

For instance, if he has opportunity to glance her way and catch her eye, why would he work hard to avoid looking her way? BUT, when he did meet her eyes, he looked down to her mouth? Confusing signs here.


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  • Making eye contact is hard for some people, especially with someone you like. A lot of eye contact is a good indication that someone is confident and/or that they're interested in you. Looking away immediately after being caught looking at you is an indication that they're a little more shy and/or that they like you.

    That isn't ALWAYS true, but it often is. Some people are just really shy in general, so eye contact tends to make them feel anxious, and being caught observing someone is even more nerve-wracking.

    Looking down at someone's mouth is generally a sign that they're interested in kissing you, especially if they subconsciously bite or lick their lips when they're looking.


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  • I heard once that when someone stares at your mouth it means they want to kiss you.

    • I certainly hope so! It would be nice if that were the case. This lips could use some attention haha. Thanks for the input.

  • Shyness is sometimes hard to forget. Give him openings and see if he man-up for it.

    • Thanks for your input! What do you mean by giving him some openings? What should that "look" like?

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