How can I better style my hair?

I hear a lot of people mentioning a better hair style for me. I also hear girls saying hairstyle on men makes them attractive. I want to get multiple different opinions before I think of something to try. Given my current profile pic what style of hair do you think would be good on me?

Honestly I think my hair is a mess. I probably just need to go see a professional.


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  • How about cutting the sides 2-3cm shorter and then just use some gel and cooconut oil (it smelld good and is super healthy!) ? :)

    • sounds good I'll try that. You mean to spike it up on top? or...

    • Actually I thought about using gel just so that your hair isn't on your chin but do whatever you prefer ☺️

  • I don't think your hair looks too bad at all. If you want to change it up though, definitely see a stylist and they can give you tips and maybe change it a bit.

  • Put on a wig.


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