Girls over 20: Ever liked a guy whose body is not sexually attractive to you?

I've been crushing on a casual friend who I wasn't originally into but who was looking to ask me out (according to you guys here hehe!).

He's not my type as far as being too quiet sometimes with people when he doesn't feel like talking. He's kinda funny looking, nerdy. That's OK.

But the deal breaker is that he's super super skinny. He's 5'9.5" and his limbs are thinner than mine, I'm 5'4"/107lbs. He's like those skinny Indian guys you see in National Geographic mag, awful way to put it but don't know how else to put it.

1. Have you ever liked a really really skinny guy? Tell more!

2. Have you ever liked a guy whose body you're not attracted to, but you still think he's sexy and think of him sexually?

OK I saw him again today and his skinniness isn't weirding me out anymore at all.

i definitely want to date him. I'm super into him. sexually I don't know which is OK since I don't know him well.
I got over it, still thought in the bed he would feel weird with so little meat on him lol but in the

end, no chemistry/connection/attraction for any dating/kissing or anything.


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  • make him some bomb ass meals and fatten him up

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    • :D

      i've always been a slim type guy but I definitely wouldn't turn away some food from a girl I liked haha

    • Haha. Slim is cool, I prefer lean with broad shoulders (so effing hot) over even basic muscular and def over buff but this guy is insanely skinny.

      For me, it's the height that matters most.

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