Shaving my butt, tips?

So I have a unfortunately hairy butt, and have had a past girlfriend call it "like a forest", So I decided, while dating her to unfortunately get it waxed, and while it was an ungodly painful process, I did like the outcome, and smoothness of my butt. Because of that, I decided to shave my but, but I want some tips on how to get the closest, smoothest shave possible without cutting my butt or anus. Do any of you have any tips on how to do this? Also, how often should I have it to keep it hairless? Thanks


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  • 100% agree with @Klaatu51 because shaving will only result in stubble

    • Thanks, but laser removal cost far more money than shaving, if I would afford laser, I would consider getting it done.

    • You can try that product the NO! NO! or look for specials. I know a place out here just did a buy one get one for laser sessions. Or if you can handle it, keep getting it waxed. I will say the more you do it, the less painful it is and the hair gets a bit softer. Or you can try Nair or other hair removing products, just test it first before you put it all over your butt :-)

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  • laser hair removal bro! ;-)