Super random question: what is the warmest possible outfit you could wear in 68F (20C) weather?

It involves a bet lol. Exactly what items could you wear? Thanks!

(... and still be fine lol)


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  • Leggings under jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a coat on top of that, gloves and a scarf.

    • haha you could wear that all and still be fine? :)

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    • wow that's impressive!!! I take it you get cold easily? lol

    • I've actually been out in the snow in shorts and a t shirt walking my dog xD I deal very well with temperatures like my body can handle both the cold and the heat very well.

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  • ummm... a snowsuit..

    • Really? You could wear that to school and be fine?

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    • oops, I added "and would still be fine" at the end!!!

    • You never said at school... They couldn't stop you... it isn't breeching the dress code.

  • Dress for -20°C and see that you only do slow moves and stay out of the sun.

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