Is she attracted to me?!!! **HELP**

Ok I'm at work she seen me dressed up remind you this is her 3rd time ever seeing me! But (we have had little convo about nothing major the time b4 I had made her laugh a little) So started the convo this time... she ask me why am I dressed up I say oh no reason she said well you look nice! (with major eye contact) So I see her a hour later and she was leaving off the elevator looking at me waving...(but at this time she had two kids with her) so I said excuse me she turned around direct eye contact for about 3 sec (I hate the eye game) so I look to the right and I seen the 2 little kids she was with looking at me so I told her that I would wait to ask her what I want to ask her she nodded her head yeah as if she hear me and as if she didn't want the little kids to know what we were talking bout! So I was in a daze like I could've believe I just tried to ask this lady out damn near.. (mind you I am scared of rejections) but anyway after my 2 sec daze I say you heard me...she said yeah again in the nod motion waving bye... SO DO I HAVE HER? OR IS SHE DIGGING ME ALSO


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  • Yes she is

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