Do girls like poets?

I've written, amongst other things, poems... Some are to do with love, but my general style is very morbid, its not depressing, just very morbid, at worst I cross the two styles. But my inspiration is lyrics by The Black Dahlia Murder and maybe Bring Me The Horizon.


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  • very hot...deep and mysterious style ;)


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  • Most girls are a sucker for the artistic, creative type.

    It's a steriotype that drives many women crazzyyy...

    It kinda show that there deep thoughtful and caring, intense and romantic.

    Keep doing what ya doing!

    • Just as well I'm an artist as well then lmao I also play four instruments :)

  • big fan of poets. I just like how it's one way a guy can get in touch with his feelings. very very attractive.

  • lol yeah. my friend's poems are like that too. But girl's like guys who are deep and intellectual. they find it sexy. if you want to get a girl write her a really good love poem.

  • Girls like poets but with softer sensitive subject matter not so dark and unfriendly.

    • I know, I don't write darker poems for girls :P But in general I don't write completely lovey poems because it crosses into the point where I feel abit gay for doing it...

    • Whats wrong with being gay? You realise you aren't gay unless you like men, right?

    • Actually I'm bisexual, but I won't get into it all

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  • Check mine out

    A guy sticks his location,

    In a girl's destinstion,

    To increase the population,

    For the next generation.

    Do you get my explanation?

    Or do you need a demonstration?

    Ohhhh the romance.