Girls, so I screwed up... Hair help PLEASE?

My original intent was to lighten my hair a couple levels with bleach just enough to dye it a natural ginger orange/red color. My sister helped me with the bleach (I regret even asking her) and it came out all sorts of messed up. There are pieces she missed and it's super patchy... I look like I have basically patchy highlights and there is so much of my hair that was missed, I wonder what the hell she was doing. I know for sure it was not saturated enough with the bleach :( I am now wondering how to cover or fix this monstrosity. My hair is naturally pretty dark so I am wondering what will happen if I just put the box dye over it? Would it cover it or would that just make it worse?


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  • I would suggest that instead of doing it yourself you go to a professional hair care service. I don't know how much it is where you live, but I'm going tomorrow and I know coloring costs 30-45 bucks (I'm getting a protein treatment... so I'm treating myself to a spa day).

    Anyway, I don't mess with color because I know that it weakens the strands in your hair which makes it brittle and I want mine to grow. So I suggest you find some great salon and do a walk in. If it's as bad as you say, wear a hat.

    • I live in a really small town. The salons here are notorious for being awful. I usually have no problems with at home dyes.

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    • Hi! Beauty student here... dyinf your hair does not damage it at all so if i were you i'd go get a couple box dyes close to your natural color. You'll need more than one because you'll have to do multiple applications. The first box will will work as a "filler" to kind of fill in the bleached spots. Wash it dry it then put the next box on. This will fix the problem until you can get into a salon to have it lightened... i know they're expensive but its worth it lol

    • Thanks for that, but I wouldn't be able to even get to a salon... If I went to a salon here, my hair would be worse off... Small town problems are no joke..