Guys, Help me out please?

I'm going to take my finals and the guy I really like (he likes me to) i gonna be there. It's early in the morning and i wanna wear something comfortable. I usually wear jeans and a t shirt with a cardigan. What can i wear that will make me looks chiller << if that makes sense. What do you think hed like to see me it?


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  • If you want him to want you, wear something that covers yourself nearly completely, but is tight. Show off your shape while not letting him see too much. A shirt that doesn't quite reach your pants is a huge turn on (for me, maybe not him). Also let him see a little of your upper chest area, above your boobs, but not them actually. Tease him.

    If you just want him to think you look pretty, wear what you usually do.

    • So how did this work for you?

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    • Aww thanks. Sorry I can't help more

    • yes thank you too, if i have any other questions maybe ill message you?

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  • Wear a t-shirt with a huge dick on the front and an asshole in the back.