Why won't the majority of teenage girls date the good guys?

OK, I think I'm a good guy, haha it doesn't sound right but I am. I'm sometimes too nice and sometimes unable to say no. But that haven't helped me at all finding a girlfriend. Not that I'm really trying to find one but I mean I would thought it should help. cause I'm not even bad looking.

It seems like girls in their 20s would date the nice guys. but not teenagers. why is that?

What do you teenager girls think of good guys?

Should I be more like a jerk? selfish and careless.


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  • No one likes dating doormats. I love dating a good guy but not a pushover. Who wants to date a guy who is too nice and sometimes unable to say no. Its the same reason guys don't want to date girls who always agree with them. It's boring and it isn't real. It shows a lack of self-esteem. It would definitely lead me to believe that you wouldn't be able to stand up for me or I would be waiting for the switch to turn-on and the real you to come out, the guy who wasn't so nice.

    • Oh I don't have a low self steem. And I'm only nice to girls, not everybody.

    • Well, that is good, but still, people like to partner with others that have some edge. You don't need to play games, but don't be Mr. Agreeable who is afraid of rocking the boat with a girl. Same advice goes to girls. Being able to express unique opinions that may not match with a potential partners but are not overbearing or insensitive is a great way to flirt and get someone really interested.

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  • if your good looking being nice will be a plus,

    if you average you should be more playful and sarcastic (not a jerk...) don't give everything about you away.

  • you no what? don't be so nice to you got her hooked..thou we say we hate games..guess what..we all play em.. be a little hard to get make em want you more..works everytime..

    • Speak for yourself. Not everyone is playing games. Some people are quite straight up and honest. You can be hard to get even if you are not playing any games. Just have to understand that you don't NEED anyone, but merely would like to find someone to be with. But at the same time if you don't you are totally fine by yourself. You get the point.

    • Really well I been around the block a few times..lol read mars and venus..its just the way it is.. maybe not a game just we think differantly.. its the way it is..read it you'll have more understanding to how diff men and women speak..

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  • All girls seem to want the jerks. That continues on after the teenage years my man. See the thing with women is- they date the jerk, and that gives them the ability to complain. But, if they date the good guy, it eliminates the challenge. Therefor, giving them another reason to complain. t's lose-lose all around. I am a very good guy, I can be a jerk at times when warranted (my slut ex girlfriend being a whore), and I am always second-rate.

    • Does that really continues, like if a girl likes jerks, she'll always like jerks?