My FAVORITE outfit

I'm trying to cheer this place up:)

whats ur fave piece of clothing/fave outfit..rave about it!

mine would be these light colored guess jeans - every time I wear them I get compliments and they make my ass look amazing!


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  • Wow! I like your favorite light Guess jeans too! What (if anything) do you wear under them?


    • She wants to know outfits. not what's underneath. perv

    • Very Well: I have a black Hugo Boss suit and when I wear it with a starched white cotton shirt and power tie and black loafers, it makes me feel confident. Some people are intimidated, some women look - often. Dan.

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  • Levi's 501 shrink to fit button fly jeans - the original jeans

    and black leather jeans purchased from Ultimate Leather, UK (internet site)

    The leather jeans are custom tailored and fit absolutely perfect. The have a very sensual look and feel. They flatter me and I want to keep wearing them and hate to take them off.


What Girls Said 3

  • tight black leggings

    knee high black heeled boots

    black and blue stripped tee shirt

    throw in some silver looped earrings and my favorite watch, gypsy ring and scarf and I'm ready to go.

  • ANY of my dresses

    i love my dresses, they make me feel so feminine and pretty :) people always comment on my clothes, but I guess being a fashion and art student its probably good to have decent style ;)

    • I agree with you.Dresses always do it for me,skirts too.Throw in some great heels and possible some top shelf sheer hose,and I'm good!By the way,you look awsome in the picture of you,in a dress.You're really beautiful!

    • Aww thankyou :) aha, sheer hose are DEFINITELY the way forward.

  • favourite black fancy low leck top, with skinny jeans and flats.Big bangles , my golden hoop earrings, and my heart necklace :)