Guys or girls?!?!? New Moon?

what should I wear to the new moon midnight show? what style fits the best? any advise? jeans, skirt? vans or high heals? cute top or a twilight shirt? I am going with my idk... what do you think? cute chick or twilight obsessed chick?


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  • something cute, not twilight obsessed

    • Skirt or jeans? ummm last time we went to the movies I was wearing a idk...what do you think?

    • Im guessing itll be cold. jeans or something relatively warm but still cute

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  • haha I just have to say, I know a guy who's gonna wear sparkles on his face and gel up all his hair and go to the premiere... anyways, should be funny!

    lol I'd say just jeans, t-shirt and vans. Not twilight obsessed. :)

    Have fun not hearing the movie. lol

    • Theres a group of girls on TNA iMPACT where theyre the pretty blondes that give the typical stereotype to blondes. one of them wore a top that said I <3 boys who sparkle. it was on tonight. so it was probably a reference to twilight. ugh I hate twilight. its "fake" imo

    • Yeah that shirt was a reference to twilight for sure. lol

      I liked the books, they were good.... but I hate all the fans and the obsessions. It's overboard, I've read better books! Books by my favorite authors Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Sarah Dessen and this is gonna make me sound like a big nerd, but I loved Shakespeare's Hamlet.

      But forget about telling that to twilight obsessed fans, they think I'm nuts. They say twilight's the best book, but never read anything else.

      Sorry for the rant

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