Why doesn't he notice me anymore?

I'm in high school... there's this one guy who I had never had talked to, had classes with, or even the same group of friends. In the beginning of the year I was walking to the lockers and he said my name, I was surprised he knew my name .Days later he starts smiling at me, poking my side at random times when I would walk past him.Until one day I ,said "what", jokingly because I knew what to expect, but he didn't say anything back; we never talked. He kept doing this for about a week.Though he never even look at me when his girlfriend was around. Now he doesn't even notice me at all, when we meet eyes it's awkward. Why? Why did he even start messing with me?

The thing is now, I've gotten a liking to him
what do I do now?


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  • you can try talking to him about it. or keep hoping something bad happens to his gf...i am totally joking. I hope nothing bad happens to anybody.

  • wow. I have no clue but id like to see what other people have to say about this. ill check back in later and comment. I wanna see where this goes.

    • Ok how about this...he likes you but doesn't want his girlfriend to know about it so he acts differently around you when he is with her.

      does that sound close to what is happening with him?

      i still don't know why he even messed with you in the first place since he doesn't even know you. staaaaaaalker lol

    • He likes you. you like him. sooo....who likes his gf? lol

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