Girls, swimsuits or not?

So I have been told that a bikini top is just a bra, so girls shouldn't wear them... Is this true? If not, how are they different, and if they cover the same things, why aren't you embarrassed to wear them? Do you put them on the same way? What makes you want to wear them?


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  • I love to wear bikini tops

    • So would you just wear a bra to town ever?

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    • What about the bottom though? It is like wearing underwear... right?

    • It is but once you get older you will realize that bikini and underwear are not the same!

  • In all swim centres = a bikini
    On the surf coast = topless in a thong

    I wear bikinis purely because I can't go topless in a thong, no other

    • That doesn't bother you? Do you like guys looking at you?

    • a1. Not at all.
      a2. Tbh Im used to it. I just HATE when they physically follow me around.

    • Wish I could :) You probably are hot!!!

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