Girls, question about underwear?

Hi ladies! Im just getting used to thong style underwear but had a question about it hope it doesn't sound weird lol but does the strap supposed to sit against ur hole in the back? lol sorry if that sounded werid but ya I find it kinda annoying like I notice it the whole day, do you get used to it eventually or are they not fitting properly? Thank ya :)


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  • You may want to look into different styles. Some have a bigger area in the back, some are smaller. You could even go down to a g-string and see if that is more comfortable. They also have cheekies, which are panties that are cut super high on the cheeks but don't go into the cleft area. :-)


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  • i never even thought about that till now... haha
    you can pull it out a little if it's uncomofrtable...
    or leave it and get used to it. just whatever works for you :)

    • haha ya I kept wanting to pull it out! I did a few times but they kept going back up there lol so I just gave up..

    • but ya i guess i would have to leave it if i wanna get used to it

  • Yes, it is.