Why won't my hair curl?

cause my hair looks really good curly or wavy but whenever I try it doesn't work

but whenever my hairdresser does it works but it takes him a while

is my hair just too think or something

(cause I do have thick hair )

could that be the reason?

or is it the kind of hair curler I'm using or something ?


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  • - Use a shampoo and conditioner that makes curls look good

    - Be sure to keep it moisturised all the time!

    - Use a heat-protective spray. Put it in after you've washed/conditioned your hair. Air dry if you can, but if not then it's even more important if you're gonna blow-dry.

    - Get some curlers that can go up to 230 degrees C (I'm half black and while my hair isn't really afro hair, it's still pretty thick, so I use curlers at 230 degrees)

    - Keep the curler almost vertical to your hair if you can. So, if your hair is going down at 12/6 o'clock, the curler should be at 2/8 o'clock. Or the other way around, depending on which side you're doing.

    - Use small sections of the hair, about 1.5in square, or 2in by 0.5in rectangles, either vertical, diagonal or horizontal depending on what you think looks better. Experiment, but keep to relatively small sections.

    - It helps to divide your hair into 3 horizontal layers first. Tie off the top and twist it into a bun (gently, it'll break if you tie too tight!) and curl the bottom first. If you want to make your hair look longer you can leave the very bottom straight so that it hangs lower than the curled bits. Then let off bits of the tied section at a time to curl, so that you get to curl all of your hair and pay attention to each one, instead of taking random bits, which doesn't work so well.

    - Comb each section before you put the iron to it! Then roll it up and wait 10-15 seconds. Here's where you need to know what kind of temperature your hair can take - the thicker it is, the higher you can go, but if you set it too high you'll just frazzle your hair. So start lower, and work your way up if the curls don't work.

    - When you're done, gently (and I mean, gently!) run a finger or two through your curls so that they look a bit less fake. Then take a can of hairspray, take a deep breath, close your eyes and spritz all over for about 5 seconds. At this point you may be able to get away with separating the curls again to make them look less static and a bit more lively, but sometimes it'll mess it up. Depends on the hairspray, you gotta experiment. Just do a few curls to find out if you can do this, so that you don't mess up all your hard work if it doesn't turn out right.

    - And that's it! It might go a little flat later, especially if you run your fingers through it or something. You can top up the hairspray, but it'll need a really really good wash later if you do!

    - Your other option: wash your hair and towel-dry. Apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturising spay. Divide your hair into 4 or 5 sections and braid each one, then let it all air-dry - go to sleep (on a towel, and definitely in a warm room) if you want. If your hair's really long, you can twirl the braids into buns. Then when it's dry, gently unravel them with your fingers, apply some hairspray, and you've got kinky hair!


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  • Is it long? Hair curls more easily when it is shorter. When it is longer, the heaviness of the longer hair often makes it straighter.

    If you hairdresser is able to make it curl no matter how long it is, then you either want to try using more hair product or get him to show you how to blow dry it. My guess is that you are either not blow drying it for long enough or that you are holding the dryer at the wrong angle to the curls.

    What has worked for me in the past is to start drying my hair when I have just washed it. Put some mousse in it first. Then stop drying (it should be damp, not dry) and put in hair spray. Then put in curlers. Then spray over the curlers. Then dry. Then spray again. You'll have to experiment to find out how much spray works and still looks good.

    You can curl with a round brush too if you have time. Sometimes this works better because you can dry each portion of hair as you slowly curl it around the brush. Good luck.

    • Yeah its kinda long now and I was probably curling it at the wrong angle

      and thank you ^^

    • Yeah, you should experiment with angles when you're putting the curlers in. Vertical works best for me. Then blow down while holding the dryer above your head. Make sure to get them dry. The best thing would be to ask your hairdresser to give yo a demonstration (it's hard to explain the angles, etc, in writing). Good luck!

  • curl smaller sections of you hair and put hairspray on the strand before you curl it and after. also you can try heated rollers. leave them in your haif for like 1/2 an hour and the curls last longer then they would with a curling iron.

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