When do you know that eye contact from a girl means she is interested in you?

Hey all, I would like to know, when your at a club or party, how does the whole eye contact thing work. I mean how can you tell if she wasn't just glancing around and you just managed to spot her looking at you . How can you tell the difference between a keen interest in you and just a passing look that doesn't mean anything?



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  • I would say the biggest clues to know if she's interested in or just looking around can be based on 3 things. For one, you can tell by simply how long she looks at you. If she just glances at you for a second and doesn't give you a second look then she was probably just looking around. Secondly, if she keeps glancing at you. In that case then she most likely is interested cause she's trying to spot you out. And last but not least...Number 3, if she gives you a little smile. Most girls won't approach so after that, it's all up to you. Hope that helps :)


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