I hate my look!

i've this problem , I love to look at my self at the mirror because I like my look but when I go out side my house I hate my look don't know why I don't like my look , what the hell is that ? I always get that I'm beautiful from people even most girls get jealous of me but I don't know what to do to change that help?


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  • when you say your look, do you mean your style or your physical appearance.

    You can change the way you look with cosmetics and clothes etc, so just think of how you want to look then get the clothes and hair and make up to do it.

    If you are talking about your physical features, and you say you're beautiful then there's no reason to want to change it no can you change it if you wanted to so, you have to just learn to love yourself and live with it.

    Theres any one else can do for you unless you want them to pay for your cosmetic surgery lol

    • Waaat ?


      but my question here why I see my self different when I'm out side ?

    • Ok then,

      i thinl a psychiatrist is more qualified to answer that than people on here just guessing what might be wrong

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  • I think I can tell you here why or what is the reason you feel more beautiful from others. It is from your inside, the beauty aura from within.Though there are some imperfections from the outside, but when you feel great about your self,it will make you look radiant. So I guess maybe some other girls jealous of you because of you confidence. So if you say you hate your look then you are blaming your self confidence. Therefore, I think you better feel glad about what you have.