What should be your first facial expression when your eyes meet with a girl's?

I'm a pretty shy guy. I have never had a girl friend and never tried to have one. But would like too. So to make a first move say you have seen a pretty looking girl and both your eyes meet, what should be my facial expression - say smile wink etc etc



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  • Your first facial expression should be a smile! It makes girls comfortable to know that you're a positive person. However DO NOT try to fake a smile lol. Think of something funny to you.


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  • Raise your eyebrows up and down and smile a funny smile...

    Or pretend to blow out steam...


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  • Cross your eyes and stick out your tongue. If she doesn't laugh, she's not worth going after. If that's too much for you, go for the wink and the sly smile. Same amount of absurdity, but it can be played straight, too.

    Comedy option: Point at her, then pull your thumb across your neck and mouth, "I am going to kill you." Chicks love it. But really, I think the takeaway here is do what you want, as long as you commit.

    • Dont you think behaving funny may add to your cause and make her think that this guy is silly - so might neglect you.... How about being a little serious?? may be girls can answer better I think!!!