How can a man make a girl feel beautiful?

what can he do or say to make a girl feel beautiful without actually saying she's beautiful


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  • I think it's all in his actions. For example, if he cooked my favorite meal, bought the wine I love and we watched a movie we both enjoy. Doing things specific to what the girl likes a lot to makes her feel special and like she is all that matters to him. Another piece is the way he looks at me, like if he has this sparkle in his eyes and he looks me up and down. He'll be smiling or have a smirk. I love when a guy does this when I am not all made up. If I am dressed down, with no make up and he still finds me attractive.

  • -when you're with her, pay attention to HER. not the hottie that walked by or the dime that's 30 ft away, pay attention and be attentive to the girl you're with


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