Hi gagers, I have a big hair problem, just read the description below :( ?

When i was 13 (now 19) my hair was ok, then, when i grew up my hair got damaged slowly but surely, now its a little bit like black people hair u know, it stopped producing sebum and protein etc..
But now im sick of how it looks like...
so here i am asking u THE SOLUTION! X)
Sorry for bad English by the way


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  • Just apply oil at least thrice in a week.. keep it overnight. Then wash it and make sure to use a condition for dry hair.
    Eat lot of fruits and cucumber.
    Oh and you can also try using eggs. Apply it amf keep it for half an hou. Wash it off, then use conditioner

    • Tried it for 2 weeks,
      Did not noticed any changes :( so i gave up

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    • And... you're very welcome :D

    • What conditioner and shampoo did u use?

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  • Try deep conditioners and hair oils like coconut oil.

    • Of course i tried, nothing happened

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    • U mean like keratine treatment?

    • Different salons offer different treatments

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  • u mean scalp hair?

    oh well... wot happened exactly? they started thinnin?

    • They started to become dry
      I want a solution of how to make it straight again naturally

  • You mean you have a bald spot?

    • Fuck no! I mean to say that my hair is so freaking dry i hate it
      And no matter what it ain't getting back like it was before,

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    • Google it*

    • Cuz even google does not know!