Do girls find it unattractive when a guy talks to too many girls? Do you think I'm a d***?

I’ve been thinking about my dating situation lately, I don’t know what it is but I always attract a lot of girls, they tell me that I’m the sweetest person ever and that I’m the best thing a girl can have. I’m not being cocky, I’m not trying to make it sound that I’m that guy. The thing is I’ve never been in a serious relationship, I feel that in the whole relationship thing I would have one foot in the pool and one foot out , I’ve never tried to jump in with my both feet. That leads me into talking to more girls, sometimes they will tell me that I have too many girlfriends but it seems that they don’t care about that and I just don’t get that. One other thing, I never can tell a girl that I don’t really like her, I know it’s not that I’m trying to use her at all I just don’t want to hurt her feelings, then it leads them to think that I like them (then go crazy, one example that happened 2 months ago: What do you do when you trying to stop talking to a girl then she buys a plane ticket and shows up on you door steps and telling you “Surprise babe”, next night we go to a party together I left by myself came home there is 23 girl waiting for you, so we are in my room, there is a knock on the door, It was the surprise girl ”cant mention anyone’s names”. The 23 year old hides behind closet door, the surprise girl heard what was going on so she just grabbed her stuff looked at me, gave me a smile and left. That smile tore a f***ing hole in my heart because I knew that smile was fake and that I really hurt her feelings). Maybe I just need to grow pare of balls and be straight forward. My roommate had been telling me that I don’t need a girlfriend because I don’t have a problem to get girls. Maybe it’s true but I feel like an ass when I have a girl with me and one girl texting me and saying just one phrase “I love you”. I don’t know if that’s normal I have 5 roommates and a lot of close friends and I just don’t see same thing happening to them. I think I can write a book about this probably haha probably not I’m a horrible writer. I’m about 6’4” fit, 21 years old, about to graduate from university; I was born in Europe and have a deep voice with a profound accent


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  • Since when do guys only need girlfriends if they have trouble getting girls? lol I don't think your a jerk, you just have trouble being straightforward. I don't have a problem with guys seeing other girls as I am usually seeing other guys. However, if it's heading toward a relationship, it has to stop. So if you find you really like a girl, put everything into it. Or you'll lose her.


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