Eye for an eye, tooth for ah tooth

something like that..anywho..have you heard about that little 5 year old girl. her mom sold her for prostitution so she could obviously get money and just get drugs..they found the little girl and is dead and was raped..

do you think that everyone that hurts anyone in this world should get the same pain that they did to that person...

i believe that this is how is should be..the way you kill that person is the same why you should be killed..

what do you think


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  • I agree with an eye for an eye! I'm trying to be respectful but I really don't understand these sunshine and flowers liberals that want everyone to be "rehabilitated" and coddled. If you rape and kill a child you are a monster and do not deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. Back in the biblical times they had public stonings, I think they should bring that back and the crime rate would surely drop. These are hardened killers with no conscience, they are not afraid of jail. They get 3 meals and a cot, TV, exercise and get to be around all their homeboys so no jail is not enough.


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  • I agree with it. The punishment should always at least fit the crime. Bleeding heart liberals of the caliber who think, like Eric Holder, we should coddle terrorists; Mirandize them; take them to New York City and put them on trial in open criminal court which will certainly become nothing but a circus; put the Bush Admin and CIA on trial and further weaken this country's defenses and the ACLU would never let that happen. You and I are only a part of a conservative minority who will never see true justice done. Sorry for the rant.

    • You have a great point Cartiphilus; however, we can influence change in this world, never forget that. It is our destiny in life to become the individuals that make justice truly come around. We have the power, not the governments - it is our children that will be in office in the future- and part of our age group as well.

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    • I can't agree with you more

    • Obama hahahahaha

  • While the thought would be grand, I prefer doing the opposite.

    Imagine this scenario:

    Your coworker constantly gives you glares and tries to ruin your day - he/she absolutely hates life and wants to bring down everyone. (Well, they don't want to - they just do it).

    I believe that in this scenario, one should "kill them" with kindness. This world needs more individuals that actually give a sh*t and care. By showing these grumpy "ass-hole" type people that you are happy in life, it proves that you care. This will hurt them much more than being grumpy back.

    In the scenario you mentioned of prostituting out her 5 year old daughter, I believe that people should be allowed to live with that pain while they are forced to recover from drugs, making no escape from the pain they have created. Ultimately this would increase suicide rates worldwide; however, this would be the worst form of punishment than any other method such as "killing them" (giving them a brief 2 minutes of misery, vs my recomendation of a lifetime of misery).

    Best regards,


  • I think that is not for us to judge a person. It does not matter what the person does, we as humans can not do anything else than putting them in jail. The truth is that when something like that happens, I wish the same as you, that the person gets the same thing that she has provoked. But then I realize that I have no right to wish dead or something bad to anyone. The law of the Talion is very controversial, and sometimes sounds like the solution to stop the endless atrocities of our world full of hate and destruction, but God also tells us in the Bible that we should pardon our enemies 70 times 7. Also, we all know that this person that committed such atrocity with this girl, will pay for what she has done, and it will not be like the law of the Talion, meaning that she should go through the same as the little girl. She will pay it double, triple. Even though, in the end is not for us to decide.

  • I don't believe in killing of any sort. I do believe in an eye for an eye somewhat, but the same excruciating acts should not re-committed. She should be severely punished, but by law, not by aggression.

  • there are so much bad sh*t going on

    i was on thiis50 and I saw a story about some guy

    that beat his 15 year old son, and told him to go outside naked where he shot

    him in the head because the 15 year old touched his 3 year old sister

    • Well that is sick as hell..he touched his SISTER.. gross...

    • Its sick on both parts

      he couldve simply just beat the sh*t out of the kid

      but he shot him in the head execution style. and the kid

      was begging him not to do it

  • Well, what goes around does come around. The guy won't last that long when he gets to prison, if he gets that far to begin with.


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  • There's also the saying "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

    I don't really see the point in killing someone who did something wrong. Sure, they're being punished, but it's also an escape. When I was in high school, a serial killer was executed in my state, and there was a huge debate leading up to it because it was the first execution in decades and a lot of people were against it. The guy actually sent a letter to the governor begging her to let the execution happen so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore--by carrying out the execution, his wish was granted. I don't see how that's a greater punishment than having what he did hang over his head for the rest of his natural life.

    • When it happens to someone you know..your opinion on this changes drastically...

      you want that person dead more than anyone and the same way he killed that other isn't child!

      or adult..

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    • Be the best way...

    • No, that's not what you pointed out. You said, "In your case your brother wasn't killed..almost..yet if he was..you would want that person that did it killed just like no other." That's not saying that I wouldn't know what I would want, that's telling me I would want the person killed (i.e. telling me how I would feel).

      Just because you would want the person killed doesn't mean that's what I would want; it's *your* opinion that that's for the best, not mine.

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