Dying the underneath of my hair?

okay so a few weeks ago I bleached my hair and it didn't turn out so good, so a week after that I re dyed my hair a light/medium blonde. It looked really good but after another week a lot of the dye washed out. It doesn't look bad its just really light now, and I wanted to make it darker so I was gonna go and buy revlon color silk permanent hair dye and get like a dark brown color. I want to dye only the underneath, so the top would be blonde and the bottom would be brown. I don't have to money to go to a proffesional but I really think I can do it myself. any tips tho? has anyone done this before? And is there anything I can do so that it won't fade really fast? I know a lot of people say don't wash your hair as much but if I use a shampoo that is safe for color treated hair is it okay to wash my hair with it every day? or will it still fade? please answerrr


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  • Whopps, I just saw your other question... Using a color shampoo will help your color to last longer. You should be able to get some at the supermarket.

  • Hi, it's me again. I was the person who advised you last week.

    I would be very, very careful! If you can afford it, get more semi-permanent color before going permanent. Going permanent will not be good for your hair. Remember, permanent color gets into the hair; semi-permanent coasts the hair like a raincoat. This is why semi-permanent comes off and it is also why semi-permanent is more healthy for the hair.

    Also, if you are planning on just dyeing the underneath, you could end up with a weird, 1990'2 goth-like two-toned creation. It could be bad.

    If you are out of money and know that you can't afford to keep buying semi-permanent, then the only thing you can really do is dye ALL of your hair a permanent color. But this will not be great for your hair. If this is what you choose to do, try to get the same shade of semi-permanent for it as often as you can because the semi-permanent will make it look shinier and feel better. If you use the permanent, it will probably end up looking pretty dull because, like I said, the permanent will get into your hair and not be great for it.

    Good luck! I really wish you could afford professional!

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