My little brother got a problem can you help him?

when my brother wear under wear his balls come out of it. he is also taking under wear in the right waist lenth but it is coming out of yhe under wear. what must he do


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  • what kind is he using?

    Boxers (american type)? boxer briefs? Briefs? Trunks?

    Boxers does not hold the equipment AT ALL (seriously, i don't get why it's so popular in america), so if he's using those then it sounds normal.
    Boxer briefs and trunks holds it excelent, you just got to find the right size, because if it's too small you'll end up with squished balls (not cool). But in the right size they're awesome. Comfortable, and holds everything in place.
    So i'd suggest trying boxger briefs or briefs.


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  • He should move somewhere cold, they will shrink right up against him.

    qualifications: I am Canadian.

  • Tell him to wear boxer shorts, problem solved.

  • Wear longer boxers!

  • He could switch to a different type of underwear such as boxer briefs.

    • he doesn't like boxers. he is saying it is so messy

    • Boxer briefs aren't boxers. They are like briefs but have a little extra material that run down the thigh. Because they are tight like briefs the material doesn't bunch up like boxers. You might check them out online so you can see what I am talking about. Any new type of underwear can take a little getting use to, but it seems better than falling out of the underwear.

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