Girls, Has any one had their makeup done by MAC cosmetics for an event?

Girls? Any one of you had your makeup done for an event by MAC cosmetics? I know I need an 8week reservation but my prom is in 10days lol. Do you know if they'll take me? Also how much is it for the full face and eyes? What was your experience like? Thanks


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  • Mines booked and ready. Costs £30 but thats redeemable on any in store products. Your basically buying yourself a MAC gift voucher and they are doing your makeup for free. I would call them up and see if they could still do it

    • Okay but is £30 not the reservation fee and I got told it'll all together come to £50. When did you book and do you think the one in Glasgow has a phone number?

    • No that is the entire price, it may vary between branches. And yes, probably google it.

    • Okay thanks, just called and they aren't answering so I'll pop in tommrow afternoon. Also what time would you recommend I book for cause my event starts at 6, and I love 15mins away from the store plus it'll take me an. Hour to get dressed?

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  • My friend did it once, and it looked pretty casual and nice. Kind of natural look but also pretty:)

  • yeah it was alright.