WHAT'S a good look for a guy dress -wise?

In general going out to the clubs, what do guys look good wearing?


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  • Jeans that aren't too baggy but not "skinny" either - somewhere in the middle.

    I like shirts that aren't too trendy

    Tee shirts are o.k. but nothing trendy (hate the metro look on guys or the emo look is worse)

    Sweaters on guys during the fall = yummy

    No jewelry - maybe a watch if he must or one ring to show

    Shoes - normal shoes - not tennis shoes those are ugly but like slip on shoes that guys wear

  • :D

    hair - buzz cut or gelled

    button down shirt/ argyle sweater

    one ear pierced with those hwite rhinestones

    jeans that are kinda baggy..not gangsta baggy and not rocker skinny. (not hanging down to ur knees)

    lacoste shoes

    basically, well dressed but with a hint of cool. dayyyuumm son!


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