Hair dying tips?

hey, I'm going to dye my hair pink quite soon, but I've never dyed it in such a 'crazy' color.
And I had quite a couple of quiestions, and maybe someone on here could help me out?

How much wil bleach damage my hair?
How lang will the color stay?(approximately)
How damaged will my hair be after I've bleached it and dyed it right after?

and guys, do you like 'crazy' hair colors on girls?


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  • bleach will dry your hair out and damage it quite a bit.. it depends on how light your hair is right now.
    if you're already a light brown, it shouldn't take too long to lift the color. if your hair is dark brown or black, itll take probably 2-3 bleach baths to lift the color enough. the longer you leave it on, the worse the damage will be.
    it depends on what dye you use, some last really long and some last a month and fade a lot. just keep in mind, it might be hard to get back to another color. do you really want crazy colored hair for an extended amount of time? just something to think about.
    if you use just a crazy colored dye, it shouldn't damage your hair too much. the bleach is what's really gonna hurt it. i've used splat a few times to dye my ends, and it works pretty damn good. i still have pink tints to my hair from when i used it in October.. and i've used color oops (hair color remover) and dyed my hair 2 times. that shit sticks lol!
    I've used ion brilliance brights and it faded extremely quickly.
    i used this. this kit comes with the bleach and the dye and its very easy to use.
    a lot of people use manic panic but that kind of fades easily. i haven't personally used it, but i've seen a lot of peoples hair fade with that. you have to reapply it quite often. i've only used ion brilliance brights and splat to dye my hair crazy colors, and its only ever been the ends. out of my experiences, splat definitely works the best.. by far.
    good luck, and i hope i was able to help. if you have anymore questions i might be able to help if you message me!


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  • Bleach dries it out so in some ways it isn't as nice to work with, but I liked having my hair bleached and dyed crazy colours because I found it was more manageable!

    If you do a good job with a high quality dye it should last until it's completely grown out!

    (yes, I love 'crazy' colours on girls!)

  • any pic so we can tell if they suit u?


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  • It will damage it a lot, the color won't last a month, but it's fun :D

  • well the dye should last about 4-6 weeks, and you will only have to use a lot of bleach if any if you have dark hair, trying to make it go lighter. So if you have blonde hair, if you sue bleach it shouldn't damage your hair much for pink dye :)
    i think crazy colors make a girl look unique and fun and people (including guys) will be able to spot a pretty girl out in a crowd. It should brighten you up a bit, and bring out your wild side make you look totally awesome xD

  • 1. It will damage your hair, especially if you use a 40 volume. Is your hair virgin?
    2. Around 3 weeks at most depending on the times you wash your hair.
    3. What color will you dye it right after?