What is it with you guys?

OK, so there's a think I've never understood: Why you guys like to see your girlfriends wearing one of yours shirt on them? You find it attractive or something?

One time when I got back from a date with my boyfriend all wet and soaked because it was raining quite hard outside, we went to his place and then he offered me one of his shirts (not something too short or revealing, although it was three sizes bigger for me), and then after I changed he look at me wearing his shirt and smiled and after that he wanted me to keep it.. please explain?


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  • It's an optical illusion. If you first wear normal-sized clothes and then switch to his (over-sized) clothes, his mind makes the false leap that the clothes are normal size (because to him, they are) and instead it's your body that suddenly became n% more feminine.


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  • lol I don't know what armyant is talking about.

    there's a pretty simple explanation for it though. guys just like to see the girl they have feelings for in their clothes. you look cute and small in it and it proves that you belong to him and he belongs to you because you're wearing his shirt. he wants you to keep it because it's something to remind you of him. I think it's cute. some

    • Uh, the same thing you're talking about when you say she looks small in it.