What bra size do I need in the UK?

So, I've recently moved back to the UK from after being in Thailand for 3 years, now since it's my first time living on my own I have to buy everything for myself.

I'm a 34B, and well for some reason UK sizes are different to when I was in Thailand, I don't know what size to get in the UK.


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  • Modern bra sizing standards
    Band = underbust (rounded up to the nearest even number)
    Cup = bust - underbust
    A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, etc.

    UK is a little better than the US about using modern sizing standards instead of 1950s sizing but it is still best to measure yourself. Most of us think in the outdated A-DD sizing system. I used to wear 34C. In modern sizing I'm a 30F/FF. It's not big, you just need to get used to shifting what your idea of average is. Here are some visual references for example. www.brabandproject.com/.../search


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  • I have no Idea about any of that stuff

  • Go to a shop, get yourself measured.

    • Well, I was planning to however, I was just wondering if anyone had the size already they could just tell me. lol

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