Buying clothes + checking tag/labels?

I like buying clothes. I'm really one of those bang for your buck types, so I would want to know what I buy is worth the money I spend. So I do intend to buy on the expensive side of things, well because "you pay for what you get"
But I'm curious to know if any other GaGer, goes through clothing stores and checks the prices PLUS checks the clothing tag/label? (Clothing tag/label as the small label hidden in clothes that states what material is used to produce the clothing item)
I've noticed a lot that some clothing materials don't really state what they really are, unless you have a look at the tag/label? (I should do a mytake on this to really)
Is it something you consider when shopping for new clothes over a significant amount, that you wouldn't really normally spend on?

It's this tag here inside the clothes.
Nothing to do with the brand. Sorry for the confusion GaGers


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  • I like to think it does, but when I'm actually out there shopping I never check the tag regardless of how much I'm spending. It's my own recklessness I suppose. Although after years of shopping, you do get a feel for what material they are without looking at the tag.

    • Sometimes. I think its a false advertising gimmick some companies do, to well gain profit of course right? Because if I asked some GaGer now, whether they looked at those tags. They would look at me thinking, What? Like a piece of clothing can state 100% demin near the price tag, but when you look at that label hidden inside it might say 60% denim 40% polyester or whatever else it may be. And they charge you like it's 100% denim.

    • I agree, it is for profit. I'm reckless enough to buy into it lol. It doesn't bother me too much, as long as it's wearable more than just a few times. Should be false advertising though

    • Like I'm not worried about it if I spend anything under the $50.00 mark lol because well you can only get so much with that sort of money. But if you were spending $300 on a coat of some sorts. It better be like 100% whatever it bloody states LOOOOL

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  • Back in uni, when I was strapped for cash. I'd go to the designer stores, check what's in style, take a mental note. Then i'd go some place cheap and try to replicate the style. It worked out pretty well. Spending $20 on a pair of jeans rather than $100. For example, my glasses which I had gotten -a lot- of compliments on... Cost me $10. The truth is, no one has to know.

    • And you were still in fashion. You just didn't need to spend the big bucks on it. It's true, no one needs to know, but thanks for telling me

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  • I usually always know what material something is made out of (from the touch) - no need to check the tags...
    And yes, material is very important.

    Polyester is the devil. xD

  • Ahh, this sounds so bad of me, I NEVER check the price of stuff, I really just buy it and leave. But then when my mom looks at it and is like: "Um... honey, this is pretty expensive, did you even look at the price?" Then i'm all like "WOAH OH HELL NO".
    Same thing with my friends, they warn me about the price.
    But usually I actually do look for sales, i'm a pretty smart shopper when i'm actually aware of things lol.

  • I don't care about labels, who made the clothes I like, the brand or anything like that lol. I don't see the point in spending a lot of money of clothes because of a label when I can find clothes that look exactly the same online for cheaper.

    • I think I should of been more specific in what I needed to ask. This tag/label you see inside of clothes. (that white tag thing lol)

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    • lol yeah, must be funny seeing you looking for the tags on clothes when you're shopping in stores haha

    • Oh when I say I'm looking out to buy clothes, I literally do it aha

  • I also look where it is made and I try to avoid countries where people are underpaid or children are put to work.

    • Target sells things from Bangladesh, and you can tell those items are from there, because they are dirt cheap. The material is thin etc etc

      That sounds like a good idea