What are your views on the burqa/and if you had to pick one?

Do you think it oppresses women? or do you agree that it is good for women to be clothed , so men sin less and women are appriecated more?

And this is a poll for the girls If you was a muslim for a day , Pick a veil?

A: Hijab
What are your views on the burqa/and if you had to pick one ?




  • Niqab
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  • Chador
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  • Niqab
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  • Burqa
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  • Paranja
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*Number A is actually "Hijab" , i messed up the poll damnit
I think it is beautiful to see there weird culture as it reminds me of the desert and culture, which is very interesting...


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  • I think they're all beautiful. They challenge ones intellect rather than what one looks like. It doesn't oppress women in any way, shape or form. Women have the right to choose. My mother wears a hijab. Her own choice.


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  • I wear a scarf as a burqua when is rains or on a motorcycle.

  • I think people should wear what they want. So while I strongly oppose laws mandating that women wear those things, I also strongly oppose laws telling women that they must not (as in France). Some women find modesty empowering, some find immodesty empowering. Both are valid. As for oppression, the argument could be made that too little clothing is anti-feminist as well, since it could be seen as catering to the male gaze. I don't agree with that, nor do I agree with the idea that covering yourself is anti-feminist because it contributes to the idea that female bodies are inherently sexual and women's sexuality should be suppressed. Honestly, I think people should just be allowed to express themselves how they want, which includes being allowed to wear things like hijabs and burkas if they so please.

    • Oh, and I'd pick the hijab if I had to pick any veil. I'm not one for that sort of modesty, and honestly I think I'd probably be safer wearing as little Muslim wear as possible, because people are awful and do act negatively toward someone for things like that.

  • In a Western country I'm in favour of people practicing their faith as they choose.

    However, I don't believe that religious views should be forced on anyone else and am against theocracies.

    I also do not believe that policing women is effective for teaching men proper behaviour. Women can still be and are victims of rape while wearing the jilbab.

  • Niqab is better.


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  • The idea that females have to wear a burqa so that men would "sin less" and "not rape them" is the epitome of victim blaming. The fact that women wear this just shows that authority reinforces oppression so deeply that people choose to identify with being oppressed in order to survive in their `society`. I voted A) because the hijab seems to be the least covering version of them all.

  • Hijab yes
    all the others NO

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