Girls, fashion advice for the office this summer needed! What do you guys wear in the summer to work?


Does anybody have advice as to where to get work appropriate clothing for the summer? I'm getting sick of the black patent flats I wear constantly and I don't think they look very summery! Any tips where I could find, cute, comfortable, affordable shoes for the office for the hotter months?

Also, clothes, what kinds of shirts do you guys wear for work? I want to try and find dresses too!

I want to try and get a lot of short sleeve shirts so I don't have to wear a blazer or sweater over tank tops!

Any store or brand recommendations are great! Pictures too of stuff you wear to work or your ideas!

Thanks! :)


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  • Well it depends if your work is air conditioned! For me it's pretty chilly inside so I dress the same all year round. But something like a nice blazer over a loose top with pants and flats. Or a dress with tights and flats works nicely. If you wear tights you might be able to pull off taller boots if you are bored with flats. I can easily wear a turtleneck and a blazer to work lol...

  • I like loose tops with a blazer!