Is this a kind way of saying you're unattractive?

This is what my best guy friend said recently:

You may not one of the hot "Hot" girls but then there's no one like you.. Sometimes you look really good looking. Your smile makes you look damn cute. your confidence and decisiveness are your biggest asset.


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  • I wouldn't feel that way toward this. I rather think that if you're considered cute it beats down attractive as a term of grade.

    #1 Pretty

    #2 Attractive

    #3 sexy

    #4 Hot

    #5 Beautiful

    #6 Cute

    Thats how I rank it - though I almost never use sexy or hot I hope this helps.

    • Cute is that far down the list? :(..

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    • While I was in the military I visited many places outside the US, I foudn myself most attracted to Japan/China where a wink from a women there means a thousand words. Also while pretty wasn't used much as a complement, cute was the highest respect. China's where I met my soul-mate ;)

    • :)

  • It means that it's not the sort of attractiveness one would sell magazines with--a good thing.


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