Girls, how can i buy beauty products without embarrassing myself?

So, straight off the bat this seems like an unusal question. Just let me explain!

I'm a pretty shy person, and I don't have a lot of confidence with me. I recently went to Sephora and I saw some beauty products I kind of wanted to try out. Such as facial masks and this bottle that is labeled from the brand Fat Girl Slim. I realize that yeah, no matter to who that brand name is pretty fucking insensitive and disgusting. But for a moment I actually ignored it and saw that it was a product for basically giving your skin a glow and tightening it for like a tan or a fit look. I'm not large but I don't really work out and I'm a litte fair-skinned when I want to try out a tan look. Only I'm way too insecure with tanning as again, I don't work out. I'm starting up but I really want to go to the beach and the pool to tan. Anyway, I wanted to buy those two items but I had absolutely no makeup on that day and didn't dare want to go up to the woman at the register and buy these items. I was way too embarrassed.

If you don't mind... please answer fully in the comments or just quickly check off a box in the poll for me if you would! Thank you very much. Guys may answer too!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • there is nothing to worry about , learn to love yourself, take no notice of brand names and dont forget people in shops are there to help you, they won't judge you if u dont have makeup on. Its fine and normal to not do any exercise, and you seem like a very polite and sweet girl, have more confidence in yourself , everyone has value, you do to. go to that shop and buy whatever you like, its your choice, :)

    • Thank you very much! That's so kind and sweet of you, I'm gushing~! I think I will after reading all these nice and positive comments along with yours of course. Thank you again, and I'll do exactly that!

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What Girls Said 7

  • I have GA disorder, so I understand what it's like to worry about this shit. But I worked food service and retail, and let me promise you... we do not give a shit what people buy. We understand or barely notice. Just do it girl, they will forget about you as soon as you leave.

    • Oh! Interesting. That's very good to know. I had the idea that the employees just talk behind your back sometimes. I'm glad no one cares. Phew!

    • The only time employees talk shit is if you act like an asshole, otherwise we likely won't remember you.

  • aw hun, u dont need to be wearing makeup in a makeup store. hell iv gone in without makeup, my hair done and a very tomboyish outfit. no one really cares. especially the retail assistants. they pretty much just wanna make money AND since theyre women [most of them] I'm pretty sure they have their days when they dont look that great.

    dont sweat it! get in there, have fun and buy what u like :)

    • Oh! I just had this idea that you were supposed to wear makeup in a makeup store. Oh, wow haha. Thank you very much, that's reassuring! It just seems so high-end.

    • oh no not at all! i just thought id give u my experience haha!
      ur very welcome! well if ur in that store to begin with they know ur pretty classy with ur makeup anyway ;)

  • Nothing to be embarrassed about. Shopping for makeup is one of the only times I enjoy shopping. Sephora is amazing, and its better to shop in person because you can test the colors to see which suits your skin tone the best!

    • I agree! I like the store and all but it just makes me feel so little when there's beautiful women around me, haha.

  • Just go for it girl! It's like if you need to buy tampons I have stage fright but if I need it or want it I get it, I'm insecure about myself so I always wear makeup and people always tell me why do you always wear makeup? Honestly cuz I think I look disgusting without makeup and I buy makeup things and even though I'm shy to but them I know that it will only be for a minute that I have to buy it so do it, don't listen to the haters, haters gonna hate and ainters gonna ain't

    • See, when I buy pads it isn't a big deal for me as long as it's with a female employee. That's a good mindset to have. "It'll only be for a minute", I'll have to steal that! Thank you so much!

  • Why in the world would you care what other people think? There's no reason to be embarrassed. You do you, girl. Own it. Slay.

    • Thank you so much! :)

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